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We offer quality meat cuts and sausage from your wild game hunt. We are a full service Abattoir with skilled and knowledge people for all your game processing at affordable prices and custom cutting. 

Wild Game Hunting - Things To Do With
Your Kill.

Field dressing:
 1. As soon as possible after the kill, field dress the animal by removing all the intestines including the liver, heart and lungs.
 2. Make sure the carcass remains as clean as possible during and after field dressing.
 3. Cool the carcass quickly and keep it cool thereafter.
To Field Dress:
 1. Place the animal on it’s back and spread the front and rear legs apart.
 2. It is best to use disposal or surgical gloves during the process.
 3. Cut along the middle of the belly from the middle of the rib cage to the anus. Avoid cutting into the intestines or any portion of them. Cut around the anus so it will come out with the guts.
 4. Cut the muscle and tissue between the carcass and the intestines, and remove them.
 5. Cut the windpipe, gullet and blood vessels at the throat, then pull out the heart, lungs and guts, save the liver and heart if desired and cool right away.
 1.Remove and hair, dirt, or debris from inside the carcass.
 2. Wipe out any excess blood. Do not use water or hose it down to avoid spoilage.
 3. Dry the inside of the carcass with paper towels or clean rags.
 4. Hang in a cool area with good ventilation.
 6. Below: Some of the Wild Game Animals We Process


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